‘first game of the year’ postmortem

i have spent my weekend working – and loads of experimenting – on a game for minild#48. gladly, i was able to finish and submit my entry in time. in fact, the game makes itself to the very first game of the year for #1gam as well!


play the game

‘rubikbox’ (the game) is based around a rubik-sort of music box that plays musical sequences – in our case, drum patterns. i interpreted one of the selected themes – scheme – loosely, as a concept of patterns. the idea is to listen the playing beats and try to match them by rotating the rows of the box accordingly in each level.

being said, it is my first game that features levels. i was able to design six simple levels and a sandbox mode at the end. all in all, i suppose i declare it as a success in overall, as i’m humbly proud of the outcome.

lastly, some notes worth mentioning:

  • the game is solely rhythm-based, i.e. audio is essential to play. 
  • i’m afraid game controls doesn’t seem to be as intuitive as i thought of, so it might take some time to get used to the mechanics.
  • i didn’t really have time to optimize the code, it should (hopefully?) run smoothly on most computers though.
  • finally, i guess i got a bit experimental on the game, nonetheless, i reeally enjoyed making it! :)